I found a series of cool facts and definitions about fear on this site: http://faceyourfearitb.blogspot.com/p/facts-about-fear.html

  • Study of fear, above all things, shows that motivating factors behind modern events aren’t distant from historical ones. Fear is divided into two stages; Biochemical (Universal) & Emotional (Highly individualised).
  • Experience of fear may be influenced by social norms and values, fear is an innate response. It is fundamental to the biogical makeup of animals.
  • In controlling/manipulating ones own fear (or anothers) one also has the potential to control a central aspect of human behaviour.
  • Fear is a vital response to physical emotional danger. If we didn’t feel feel, we couldn’t react to protect ourselves. “Fight & Flight” response in which the body prepares itself to either enter combat or run away – Biochemical
  • Positive or negative response. Positive is in the form of an adrenaline rush while Negative is avoiding it at all costs. Although, the physical reaction is the same, fear may be perceived as either positive or negative.
  • Traumas/Bad experiences can trigger a fear response within us. Exposing ourselves to personal demons best way to move past them.
  • Distressing emotion aroused by impending danger/evil/pain wheather threat is real or imagines, feeling or condition of being afraid. Fear is almost entirely autonomic. We don’t consciously trigger it or even know whats going on until its run its course.
  • When you’re afraid you’re heart races, your body initiates fight or flight reaction. Stress and fear are likely to increase the risk of heart disease, cancer & chronic lung disease. Fear by itself could lead to ill health.
  • Fear creates a chain reaction in the brain starts with stressful stimulus & end with release of chemicals that cause a racing heart, fast breathing & energized muscles & the fight or flight response.
  • More than 100 billion nerve cells comprise and intricate network of communications that is the starting point of everything we sense, think and do. Some communication lead to consious thought/action. Others produce  autonamic responses.
  • Cells in the brain are constantly transfering info & triggering responses, dozens of areas of the brain are involved; Thalamus – decides where to send incoming sensory data (from eyes/ears, etc), Sensory Cortex – Interprets sensory data, Hippocampus – Stores/Retrieves conscious memories, processes sets of stimuli to estrablish context, Amygdala – decodes emotions, determines possible threats, stores fear memories. Hypothalamus – activates fight or flight response.
  • Used in the wild, especially with animals. Lions “scare” prey, then the preys body stiffens making it easy to catch.
  • Commonly caused by the unknown, it comes from the imagines pain (this is called Krishnamurthy), this causes us to imagine the worst.

– See more at: http://faceyourfearitb.blogspot.com/p/facts-about-fear.html#sthash.imXkMNDh.dpuf

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