What are the Jinn? Depends on who you ask. Some people say that they are astral energies made of subtle or smokeless fire and that were created a long time before men were created.

Jinn were created as creatures with free will; some will choose to be good and others will choose to be bad. But, they are all responsible for their actions.

The word Jinn translates as something that is concealed or invisible. They have no defined physical form of their own, so they are invisible to the human eye. However, they are shape shifters who can take on the physical form of just about anything they want. Many people believe that they walk among us every day.

Jinn can appear as orbs, streaks of light, mists or other kinds of phenomenon just as we have seen with ghosts, spirits, or other supernatural appearances. sometimes it can be a big, awe-inspiring appearance, or a subtle appearance. Jinn are all different so there are countless ways they may manifest. Some Jinn, on the other hand, will never manifest in any kind of physical form, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t present or watching. It is believed that these Jinns will usually communicate through dreams or meditation. This does not make them any less powerful than other Jinn, they just choose to present themselved differently.

Jinn become more powerful as they age, and can live for thousands of years. An Elder Jinn is one who has reached the highest levels of energy and is harder to find. Younger Jinn are much more common.

Some people believe that Jinn eat, drink, marry and procreate, but this is not done in the same manner as humans, and very little is known on this subject.

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