Jinn, Djinn and Genie are all interchangeable words that refer to the same thing. Jinn is another word for ghost, spirit, ghoul, etc.

Listed below are some classifications of Jinn. They are listed from the most powerful at the top, to the least at the bottom. There are some who don’t fall under these classifications because they had a different origin and fall under way too many other smaller categories.

Most Jinn will be classified in one of the following categories:

Marid – They are associated with the water element. They are the most powerful in this classification, but can be dangerous.

Ifrit – These are associated with the fire element. They are generally malicious, rebellious, and evil. They tend to cheat and sabotage.

Shaitan – These are described as malicious and evil, and full of deception. These are usually associated with Satan.

Ghul – Ghuls are associated with dark magic. They only appear after the sun sets.

Jann – They are considered to be the weakest, but they should not be taken lightly, for they are still very powerfull.

If you want more detailed information about this category, refer back to this article that has more information about Jinns:


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